Our world today is fragmented but open. I can travel through time and space from anywhere with an internet connection, yet the idea of connection is fading. Do we ever stop to take the time to really look anymore? Or are we constantly moving on to the next thing, the next image. 

These keepsake boxes are my treasures. Each boxed print represents an uncommon moment in the bench’s history of ‘views’, an image that I have taken of a nearby view and that could have been seen from this spot. But none of the images are the stuff of ‘normal’ tourism. They are an element of the ephemeral sublime in the everyday life of the bench and the person who sits there. Boxed and squared they can be stored or shared, as we are wont to do now with our favourite moments. The sublime is offered up and denied at the same time, fragments of life kept still for a moment in the rush. By turning my lens on the bench and away from the view I hope to spark the viewer’s imagination, asking them to stop a moment and wonder at what the view looks like now and whether they would choose this curated spot in which to linger.

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