The landscape affects us unconsciously. Our brain carefully records the elements of place in memory, using it to build our world and identity around us. I am drawn to the forest, to the mountains, to the sea. I feel myself soar as the larches turn yellow and the first bright green appears on the beech; in the sea and on the mountain top I feel a freeness within me.
When I need it, the landscape is there, to escape into or to call up within for strength. I am curious about my relationship to the world, about my emotional connection to the landscape. What is it to be a body in space? Is my experience connected to yours?
Humanity has tried to tame so much of the wild world that I wonder if we have forgotten that we too are a part of it. Where is the rawness and spirituality of being? How can we rediscover our interconnection and let nature back in?
In my practice, I work in a range of lens-based media mixing analogue and digital, disrupting the capture or surface of the photograph, and playing with the possibilities of my visual language. I use my body to relate to the landscape; I look, create, recreate—always open to the elements of chance. I want to be able to take you along with me as I ask my many questions, creating work that stays in the back of your mind long after seeing it.
About me
British but living up a mountain in the Swiss Alps since 2008, I live in a little wooden chalet on the edge of the forest with my husband and 2 cats. I am currently studying at the Open University of the Arts, part of the University of the Creative Arts, UK.
Limited edition prints available on request and on Saatchi Art.
Exhibitions and competitions

28 November 2020 – 16 January 2021 Finalist in RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley
13 June – 12 September 2020 Finalist in RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley
2 – 27 April 2020 Finalist in RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Royal Albert Hall, London
15 February - 22 March 'Mountain' finalist in RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, RPS Bristol
4-29 March 2020  'Patina' included in Group exhibition FotoNostrum, Barcelona, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
2019  'Patina' Honourable Mention 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Worldwide Photo Gala Awards
2019  'Mountain' Shortlisted for the RPS International Photography Exhibition 162
24-28 October 2018  'I can see the sea' included in Group exhibition at OXO Tower Wharf
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