Perceptions and the landscape
My work focuses on the nature of perception, in particular the relationship between seeing, language and knowledge.
Working in a range of lens-based media, mixing analogue and digital, I love to play with the capture and surface of the photograph, giving myself over to chance. The landscape is my muse; it is a character in my life and in my stories. These spaces teeter on the edge of reality, in the place between words and images.
I am drawn to experiences and questions that haunt me, constantly searching for a meaning that is just out of reach. I seek to create works that vibrate in the mind, leaving their trace on you and echoing long after. I am fascinated by connections, by what links us together.

About me
British but living up a mountain in the Swiss Alps, I live in a little wooden chalet on the edge of the forest with my husband and 2 cats. I am currently studying at the Open University of the Arts, part of the University for the Creative Arts, UK.
Group exhibitions
28 November 2020 – 16 January 2021
RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Oriel Art Gallery, Theatr Clwyd
1 August 2020 – 31 December 2020
Imagining an Island, Virtual exhibition and symposium
19 September – 16 November 2020
RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley
Virtual Exhibition
2 – 27 April 2020 [cancelled]
RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, Royal Albert Hall, London
15 February – 22 March [part cancelled]
RPS International Photography Exhibition 162, RPS House, Bristol
4 – 29 March 2020 [part cancelled]
10 September – 11 October 2020
Group exhibition 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, FotoNostrum, Barcelona

24 – 28 October 2018 
Group exhibition at OXO Tower Wharf - 'I can see the sea'
2019  'Patina' Honourable Mention 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Worldwide Photo Gala Awards
2019  'Mountain' Finalist in the RPS International Photography Exhibition 162
Published work
2021  Articles & reviews on Hundred Heroines, UK charity dedicated to advancing public awareness of women in photography.
2021  'United' Work Show Grow. International publication of 110 artists from 30 different countries.

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