Je vois bien le bleu
How do we know if our lives are on the right path? Where does meaning come from? This series is a response to a chance encounter I had with an old blind man while running in the mountains. He told me as we parted, ‘Je vois bien le bleu’ (I see blue well) and his words continue to echo through my mind.
I find that the colour blue draws me in and absorbs me. It surrounds me in the wide blue skies of my home in the Swiss Alps. What would I see if I could only see in blue?
In this series, I play with different ways to explore my perception of the place where I found Ami. Letting obstructive elements of blue constrict my vision and using fragments of barely discernible text to invite the viewer to share in this experience. Within the series is the story of the interaction. It was a moment where I felt the cosmos was speaking to me, filling my mind with meaning, feeding my obsession.
Carl Jung spoke of the idea of synchronicity, of meaningful occurrences that seem to be ‘a falling together in time’ rather than cause and effect. Ami and I fell together and he left a trace on me. Albert Einstein called the effects of quantum entanglement* ‘spooky action at a distance’. At a moment where the first photos of this phenomenon have been captured, I can’t help but see the scientific and the psychological drawing closer together as the social world seems to want to pull us all apart.
* Where two particles become linked and act as such even when apart, each providing more information on the state of the other.

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