We come to understand the world through fragments, eventually reinforcing the connections to the point where the cumulative experience becomes what we think we know.
Sometimes it is the things we encounter every day that are the hardest to really see, to really comprehend. One day, I watched the mountain more intensely. I photographed it every hour from sunrise to sunset, seeking to articulate my relationship to the landscape that surrounds me. 
In the following weeks, I found myself thinking about the mountain constantly. I would see its lines and contours in unexpected moments. I began to reconstruct, abstract and play with the idea of what my perception of the mountain was and what meaning it might hold. The repeated process of breaking, remaking, rephotographing formed a silent dialogue between us. My fascination, my obsession, leading me to ask what it is like to be another. Could my picturing of the mountain bring me closer to it?
The work became a meditation on the fragmented form and idea of the mountain that I see from my home. I carry it with me, imprinted like the faces of my loved ones.
Limited edition prints are available to order from the artist.

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