I began this work in progress as part of a 6-month long study group led by Hanna-Katarina Jędrosz and facilitated by the Land Art Agency & Collective.
It is a personal exploration into the small-scale hydroelectric installation that powers my home and the local area. Because I live very much in the landscape, I feel the connection between the glaciers, rainfall, weather and the life I live. I hope to create something that inspires others to feel this connection and see more of the land around them, as well as address issues of powerlessness and anxiety associated with climate change.
The project is called Avançons, after the name of the two rivers that run down to the Rhône and are partially diverted through various turbines – the Avançon d’Anzeinde and the Avançon de Nant. In French, the verb advancer means to push forwards, to advance, to make progress. Avançons means we advance, we progress and it seemed apt for a work about sustainable energy.
Moving through a process of observation, reflection and research I have worked digitally, with underdeveloped film and with sculptural installation. I presented the work still in development at a final presentation hosted by the Land Art Agency & Collective on 5th April 2022. Moving forwards, I will be using the spring melt to consider the difference in water levels through the year. I will be working with film and sculpture and will be extending my research, hopefully, to work with the company that runs the installations.
To find out more about the project, you can watch a recording of my presentation below and view some images of the temporary installation.

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